Excavator burns – against G20-Summit

Berlin, November 18, 2016
In the night from Thursday to Friday, we torched the drill-excavator on the Cuvry-fallow with four liters of gasoline.

In less than a year, many clowns will gather, new and old ones, in Hamburg to organize the G20-Summit. This will produce pictures from smilling presidents, they will praise themselves mutually for acting at last against war, refuge or change in climate – simultaneously some managers of the movement will shake the fences and malinge resistance – but in the end, it is all part of the same racket.

No counter-summit with its own pictures can be an answer to this game, no marathon of themes with the programm of a party and similar answers, no vacuum in terms of content…

One possibility – not an answer – is the escalation and development of our conflicts in the districts and neighbourhoods. Everywhere in Europe are existing places of resistance where matters of a global level are reflected in our daily struggels, where people resist and create new spots of solidarity.

If we spend a fire now on a hotspot of conflicts like the Cuvry-fallow, it is exactly to strengthen this conflict and to put it into a global reference. Gentrification, capital-investment in a form of new buildings, danger-zones and supposed public participation are present everywhere – no matter if in the eviction of Can Vies in Barcelona, in Exarchia or in the Rigaer Street with the new buildings of the CG-Group.

In Hamburg and on the way (to the G20), we want to come into exchange and discussion exactly about this questions and conflicts on a global level. As gentrification does not stop at a border of countries, our resistance must not end in one spot. Rather it should flow in many places and conflicts. That we find a commun rythem and create a staccato of attacks …

Connect conflicts, carry neighbourhood-struggels to the G20-Summit in Hamburg – today local, tomorrow global!

On 7th and 8th July and above this …

Autonomous Groups

PS: to make it clear: if construction continous – we will return! And may be the investor in Munich will be attacked directly …

Source: https://linksunten.indymedia.org/en/node/197838