Arson Attack Against a Police Station

Weilheim, June 06, 2017

During the night of 05.06.17 to 06.06.17 we attacked the cops with fire and make the following statement:
This is an anti-terrorist attack, an attack against the terror of the bourgeois state, its institutions and the general logic of exploitation that is managed by it. In concrete terms, an attack against the terror of the cops and their institutions of class injustice. We used six litres of gasoline, but unfortunately it was not enough to burn down their headquarters.

Arson Attack Against the Vehicle Fleet of ‘Deutsche See’

Hamburg, May 05, 2017

Responsibility claim for the arson attack against the vehicle fleet of the ‘Deutsche See’ company at Große Elbstraße 244, Hamburg on 28.04.2017
– To attack G20 also means to attack those who profit from the destruction of global fish catchments
– In Hamburg we say goodbye to Deutsche See

“Our fish are welcomed by people in Europe, but we are told it is best if we stay away”
(Statement by a fisherman from Senegal)

In the early 1980s, Europeans moved their fishing grounds to the south. Floating fish factories fished the stocks away leaving little left for local fishermen. Off the coast of East Africa, near Somalia, the European fleets forced out local fishermen causing them to resort to piracy.

Incendiary attack against Jobcenter

Bremen, April 18, 2017

For those who have to attend Jobcenter regularly, the question is not why we have attacked it, but rather: Why only now? The Spring and the upcoming riots against the G20 in Hamburg are what motivated us.

We would like to give a brief explanation for those who are unfamiliar with the Jobcenter experience:

The Jobcenter is a place of humiliation, isolation and shame. Here the poverty and misery of this society are managed. It goes without saying that everyone who has to go there is blamed for their own misery. Weiterlesen

Arson attack against a ‘Securitas’ private security company vehicle

Hamburg, April 05, 2017

Because we despise any kind of authority, we set fire to a car belonging to the security company ‘Securitas’ last night. The conditions in which we find ourselves are making it clearer to us day by day that there are politicians, judges and prosecutors, authorities, crappy teachers, conductors, and even cops and their lap dogs of security that stand over us and control our lives. This situation is completely unacceptable. We can take care of ourselves, and we recognize that they are the ones who stand in the way of an emancipated life. For they are there to defend the freedom of the rulers. Not the freedom of being free from domination.

Police cars torched

Hamburg, March 27, 2017

Everybody in Hamburg hates the police / The whole world hates the police

In the summer, it left us speechless, yes indeed, we could barely exhale. For the longest time, this question had concerned us: Who was the idiot who decided to hold a summit of the world’s largest industrial states at the Hamburg Messe Hall in the heart of the left alternative district? In December the ‘mystery’ was solved. Olaf Scholz had personally promised the Chancellor. The reasoning is obvious: Hamburg, gateway to the world, must be able to withstand such a summit. Following the bungled Olympic bid, now its time for the summit.

Two police cars torched

Hamburg, March 17, 2017

In Hamburg we say goodbye to cop cars – On March 17, we set fire to two police cars in Hamburg. Right near the residence of Mayor Olaf Scholze we burned the vehicle of his guards on Schmarjestraße. In the Hindenburgstraße in front of the office of the police union (GdP) and directly in front of the police, a GdP van was torched.


Securitas (private security company) vehicles torched

Berlin, February 28. 2017

Attack against Securitas in the context of the Global Anarchist Urban Guerrilla

Bon Soir!

On the evening of the 28th of February, six Securitas (private security company) vehicles were torched at Anhalter railway station. Securitas have been gaurding the entry to the occupied school on Ohlauer Strasse in Kreuzberg, Berlin for two years, forcing the remaining refugees to a jail-like existence. Through constant displays and harassment of the residents, their number has been constantly reduced – many have disappeared in jail, have been deported or have a house ban.

Arson attack on a police station against the Police Congress & the G20 Summit

Berlin, February 18. 2017

On February 21/22 the European Police Congress will take place for the 20th time in Berlin. On this occasion at the Berlin Congress Center (BCC), war mongers, human hunters and security fanatics meet to propagate their despicable machinations.

In addition to Thomas Thomas de Maizière, the Federal Minister of the Interior and Hans-Georg Maaßen, the President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, agents and guards of all types will be represented by Europol, Frontex, BKA, LKAs and many other authorities. Also present will be lobbyists, entrepreneurs and war ministries such as Heckler & Koch, Taser, Rheinmetal and developers of monitoring software and communications technology such as SAP, IBM and Vodafone will also be present.

Bundeswehr (Armed Forces) vehicle torched


G20: In Hamburg you say goodbye…in Bremen we do too!
“Everywhere – Soldiers are murderers
All over the world – Uniforms are murderers
German weapons – Soldiers are murderers
German money – Uniforms are murderers
Germany technology – Soldiers are murderers…”
(Tod und Mordschlag)

With this song in our ears and a portion of anger in our stomach we sneaked through the hedges at night with an incendiary device under our arms to reach the consulting office for a career with the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces). We climbed the fence into the parking lot where we found a vehicle of the Bundeswehr. We quickly lit the device and placed it under the vehicle. Then we whistled with a smile on our lips and headed back into the night…

French diplomatic vehicle torched


Armed with an incendiary device, we rode through the streets of Berlin on a frosty night looking for a target for which we could say that we are fighting the struggles of our unknown comrades against the CIGÉO nuclear dump in the woods of Bure, in the ZAD and against the French state of emergency as a whole and express our solidarity.
We also support other anarchist interventions on the continent of Europe, such as Revolutionary Struggle in Greece.

Arson attacks against Sodexo and Vodafone

Berlin, January 6, 2017

Different reasons have caused us to express ourselves again, even if the resources used, in terms of material expenditure and ‘man’ power were very small. One of these reasons is the ‘message barrier’ which was partly imposed on militant actions. Anonymous comrades of the ‘Autonomous Groups’ already pointed this out in the framework of their attack against the Ordnungsamt (public order police) on 25.12.16.

In the meantime, it should be clear to the authorities that the two torched vans did not fall victim to a technical defect on ‘company premises’ on Sewanstraße as they initially suspected but were torched using fire accelerators. One on the right front tire and one on the right rear tire. The vehicles belong to the company Sodexo whose activity in the prison industry has been reported several times, which is why they have been repeatedly subjected to militant actions.
We hope that there was damage to the building structure and we want to emphasize that we are not interested in frightening the workers. As a character mask of the capitalist social formation they contribute to the continuation of the same but only to a limited extent. Weiterlesen

Arson attack against Job Center

Leipzig, January 1, 2017

Only a few minutes of the year had passed when persons unknown in what was obviously a targeted attack threw fire accelerators at eleven different places into the building. At 00:22AM on New Year’s Day the fire alarm went off at the job center on Georg-Schumann-Straße. The rescue workers had some trouble but eventually managed to get the flames under control.
The damage after the fire at the Leipzig Job Center was immense: five offices, a warehouse and a social room at the center were severely damaged, affected are office supplies, chairs, files and computers. The building areas had to be blocked. A total of 20 rooms cannot be used because the corridors are inaccesible. The damage costs are comparitively high, but must be quantified by experts. Weiterlesen

Paint bomb attack against luxury buildings

Berlin, December 31, 2016

In the night from 31.12 to 01.01 we attacked two buildings with color bombs in Prenzlauer Berg: ‘Schönhauser Allee 23’ and ‘Palais Kolle Belle’. ‘Exclusive properties’ with luxury facilities for exorbitant prices: These two properties are part of an ever-tightening gentrification process. This is why they were the target of our attack. We do not accept a city with luxury condominiums for the rich classes at every corner while the unemployed, refugees and precarious workers are pushed to the outskirts of the city. We do not accept a city in which housing is organized according to the capitalist logic of exploitation and not according to the needs of the people living here. Weiterlesen

Bank attacked

Lund, Sweden, December 27, 2016

Yesterday night a bank was attacked in the central parts of Lund. The widows of the one side got smashed and on the other, slogans were sprayed. This is part of the anti-capitalist mobilization for the G20 in Hamburg in July. This is a step in delegitimatizing capitalist institutions, in showing the resistance towards them in a concrete way. This is just the beginning.

Anti-g20 Weiterlesen

3 public-order-police vehicles torched

Leipzig, December 6, 2016
In the late evening hours of 06.12. we torched three vehicles in Leipzig. There are many reasons for this, for us the occasion was the anniversary of the assassination of Alexis Grigoropoulos in December 2008 by Greek cops in Athens. Nothing has been forgiven – no one is forgotten.

We were pleased to learn that on the same night in Berlin, some people had apparently set fire to the door of a public order police office. Weiterlesen

Arson attack against a police station

Berlin, December 6, 2016
A Christmas present for the cops

In remembrance of Alexis who was murdered by the cops in Athens 8 years ago we have visited the friends of his murderers in the immediate vicinity of the Alexanderplatz and left 10 liters of petrol as a gift at the entrance door.
The solidarity of this action also applies to our prisoners who are sitting in jail because of the bank expropriation and are waiting to be sentenced by the executioners.
More solidarity greetings to Tuna, Balu, Cem and Ali. Weiterlesen

Attack against the office of security company SCS

Athens, November 30, 2016

In the morning of November 30 we attacked with hammers and fire the office of the security company S.C.S, located in the neighborhood of Zografou, Athens.

Private security companies plays a para-police role, making their profits by selling fear and promoting snitching and collaboration with the police.

For these reasons, and not only, it was not difficult for us to choose them as a target. Also, with our action we have shown that this company is useless and it’s services are just an illusion as they were not even able to protect themselves. Not one of their human or mechanical means of control can stop those who have the desire to attack the existent. Weiterlesen

Attack against the ‘Messe Hamburg’, venue for the OSCE and G20 summits

Hamburg, November 26, 2016
Today at 23:00 we placed burning tires at the south entrance of the venue for the OSCE and G20 summits, the ‘Messe Hamburg’. The glass facade on Karolinenstraße was subject to intensive attack with hammers, paint and stones. We decided on this demolition initiative since we reject the summits which are summits for a world that we reject just as much as the planned meetings.

The summits are a symbol of the never-ending cycle of production and consumption for this commodity society which excludes people from social life and includes others.
We want to destroy this cycle as well as the summits.


Attack against construction-company HOCHTIEF and a call against the G20-summit

Berlin, November 23, 2016

End of august in Greece the anarchist group “Rouvikonas” carried out an action against the toll station of the highway Korynthos-Patras smashing the toll booths‘ windows and leaving behind flyers. After the attack 10 comrades were arrested and sentenced to up to 37 months of imprisonment without parole. The action was directed against the construction of a privatized highway of a consortium which, besides of some Greek enterprises, the German construction giant HOCHTIEF PPP SOLUTIONS GMBH is a part of, too. The anarchist group “Rouvikonas”’ letter thereto states:

„We often read about the accidents on the National Road connecting Korynthos to Patras, a road characterized as ”guillotine” by its users. Also, we read on the scandals surrounding the construction of a modern highway […] This project, which never seems to come to an end,  has been funded by the state with millions of euro raised in taxes, which were imposed upon the most vulnerable people in society.


Excavator burns – against G20-Summit

Berlin, November 18, 2016
In the night from Thursday to Friday, we torched the drill-excavator on the Cuvry-fallow with four liters of gasoline.

In less than a year, many clowns will gather, new and old ones, in Hamburg to organize the G20-Summit. This will produce pictures from smilling presidents, they will praise themselves mutually for acting at last against war, refuge or change in climate – simultaneously some managers of the movement will shake the fences and malinge resistance – but in the end, it is all part of the same racket.

No counter-summit with its own pictures can be an answer to this game, no marathon of themes with the programm of a party and similar answers, no vacuum in terms of content…